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Looking Thru The Lens of Arrogant Entitlement

Looking Thru The Lens of Arrogant Entitlement

As I continue my journey in the blogosphere and attempt to better identify topics that resonate with readers of this blog, I continue to find opportunities to expand on my most popular post: BAITERs, Haters, and Social Climbers. The inspiration for this post came from Dr. Phil McGraw, author and television talk show host, who … Continue reading

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  • Why Do Americans Stink At Math? ...By focusing only on procedures — “Draw a division house, put ‘242’ on the inside and ‘16’ on the outside, etc.” — and not on what the procedures mean, “I, We, You” turns school math into a sort of arbitrary process wholly divorced from the real world of numbers. Students learn not math but, in the words of one math educator, answer-getting....Read the entire article at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/27/magazine/why-do-americans-stink-at-math.html?ref=education&_r=3
  • The 'T' In STEM: Getting More U.S. Students To Gravitate To Computer Science Programs ...Computer science and other STEM fields suffer from an awareness and perception problem. Some students think computer programming is too difficult. Some think it’s too geeky. And others don’t know about the scores of high-paying jobs available in computer-related fields.... Read the entire article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/emsi/2013/12/19/the-t-in-stem-getting-more-u-s-students-to-gravitate-to-computer-science-programs/  
  • Future Topics: "All Money is Not Good Money", Raising Twinkie, Mars Rover Curiosity updates, Diversity & Inclusion (Women & Boards), STEM (girls & math), Solar Energy, Fracking: Game Changing Technology and Opponents Backlash, Nanotechnology, Technology

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