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The Jetsons Turned 50 This Week

“Meet George Jetson, ….his boy Elroy, ….daughter Judy, ….Jane his wife.” Couple these lyrics with a jazzy, finger popping sound track and add Astro, the semi-talking dog, and you have The Jetsons – a cartoon show that premiered on September 23, 1962 on ABC. While I never knew The Jetsons only lasted one season after … Continue reading

How Much Energy Do We Consume in the U.S.?

Here we are in the middle of September 2012 and I was hoping for some downward moving in gasoline prices. Your West Valley News of Sun City, AZ reported on Friday, September 14, 2012, that local gas prices have reached their highest levels in three months according to a staff reporter. [Ref 1] Folks living … Continue reading