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Tech Note: New Diamond Planet

A U.S.-French research team has reported the discovery of 55 Cancri e – a planet that is largely made out of diamonds and is 40 light years away from earth. STOP. Before you start planning a trip to 55 Cancri e, space travel has not yet entered the commercial phase, and you can’t catch a … Continue reading

Gasoline Price Check on Island No. 4

As we are two weeks away from the national presidential election, I was asked by a friend two weeks ago if the president, elected representatives to Congress, or the majority party manipulated gasoline prices to make them fall just before a national election? In addition to that, there are those who argue that gasoline prices … Continue reading

Off-Spring of Halley’s Comet – the Orionids – Will Dance Tonight!

If you live in the northern and southern hemispheres and feel so inclined to engage in a little astronomy, this is a great weekend to do so. Between Saturday evening, October 20th, and just before sunrise Sunday morning, October 21st, the annual Orionid meteor shower – the offspring of Halley’s Comet are about to put … Continue reading

Celebrating the 1st International Day of the Girl Child

“Any woman that wants to be equal to a man has no ambition.” Nomalizo Leah Shenxane Tutu (wife of Bishop Desmond Tutu) As I sit typing on this post and listening to the vice presidential debate, I am remembering that today is the 1st International Day of the Girl. Sanctioned by the United Nation’s General … Continue reading

Show and Tell: Promoting STEM Through Volunteerism and Contests

This piece appeared as a “guest post” in the Institute for Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Roundup, the editors’ blog about IEEE and its members. Show and Tell: Promoting STEM Through Volunteerism and Contests Why you should get involved with the SMART Competition By Michael R. Andrews and Vi Brown 3 October 2012 Ciick on … Continue reading