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Arizona Team Places Second in National Future City Competition

Personal Note: This posts also appears as a news release for the Future City Competition – Arizona Region. Phoenix, AZ: The region competitions were tough, yet within reach for each of the 37 teams that secured their 1st place position. These 37 teams would now position their sights on the national competition just a few … Continue reading

I’m Celebrating 200 Million Members With LinkedIn

I received an email from LinkedIn a week ago stating that the company had reached a new milestone: 200 million members. That is certainly newsworthy and sharable information for member like me as well as non-members and the public at large. LinkedIn also informed me that my online profile was one of the top 5% … Continue reading

It all Started on a Bus….Remembering Rosa Parks

“God Grant me the wisdom to know the difference between giving up and knowing when I have had enough.” This short quote was shared with me about six months ago by a friend via email. I am currently including it beneath my signature on my personal email account. I either smile or smirk when I … Continue reading

Coffee Would Go Great With This Spill

Around 1:00 a.m. today, a semi-truck carrying coffee creamer rolled over on I-10 freeway near downtown Phoenix. This was one of the first news stories reported in the first half-hour of the 5:00 a.m. news. My first thought was, “I wonder if it is plain or flavored?”  Within the next hour, I learned that the … Continue reading

Can a Man be Secretary of State?

I’m long over due for my next blog post. This one follows my journey of diversity and inclusion in these United States. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in his new assignment for less than two weeks. Included in remarks to employees on February 4, 2013, he said: …So here’s the big question before … Continue reading