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Advice to Future Leaders (from selected 2013 Commencement Addresses)

After all the pomp and circumstances, the spring graduation season for colleges and universities across the U.S. has come and gone until next year. This year was different for me. I’ve gotten into the habit of watching the Book Review program on C-Span and noticed that their programming included several commencement addresses from selected speakers. … Continue reading

Friend-vy and Frenemies

As a part of my daily news and information gathering, I usually tune into the Today Show during the mornings. One of the less serious topics covered last week struck me as both interesting and odd: friend envy or friend-vy [Ref 1]. During the broadcast, I sent an email to my sister and asked her … Continue reading

Fracking and the Geology Behind It

This conversation surfaced while speaking with a relative in another state a few weeks ago: Relative: Vi, do you know anything about this new technology called fracking? Vi: I do know a little about fracking, and I know enough to tell you that it is not a new technology. Fracking, or hydraulic fracking as it is … Continue reading