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BridgeBizSTEM: 2013 In Review

To all readers of A Bridge for Business & STEM, here’s a summary of how this blog did in 2013. I have been blogging for almost two years. At this point, I do not consider myself to be a novice amateur or beginner to the world of blogging, however, I am still learning what works … Continue reading

Fracking’s Early History

As of today, fracking continues to be a topic of interest both here in the U.S. and other countries. My first post on this topic, Fracking and the Geology Behind It, provided the reader with a brief understanding of the earth’s geology and some of those difficult and hard to mine energy sources, e.g. shale gas, … Continue reading

What’s Powering Santa’s Sleigh This Christmas Eve?

As I am typing this post, Santa Claus has already begun delivering gifts to children in another part of the world. Given the number of improvements in fuel economy and smart vehicle technology, I wonder if even Santa Claus has given any thought to replacing his magical sleigh with a new and improved model. Perhaps … Continue reading

Leaders: Friend? Mentor? or Bully?

The media reported earlier this week that Richie Incognito, suspended guard for the Miami Dolphins, had reached a financial settlement and would sit out the rest of the season. [Ref 1] This announcement follows six weeks of turmoil that some now call the Dolphins Bullying Saga. Things started to unravel on October 30th when reports … Continue reading

An Hour of Code: A User’s Experience

Last week and a few weeks before that I reminded friends, business contacts, and even some of my relatives via social media that December 9 -13, 2013 was Computer Science Education Week. In addition to many, many activities planned to recognize those who work with and use computers, a special challenge was issued to students … Continue reading

Will Tomorrow’s Transit Planners Reduce Winter Weather Hazards?

Exit Dion, and enter Electra! As cities and states are recovering from Winter Storm Dion that impacted both coasts and much of the mid-section of the U.S. over the last week, take a deep breath because….here comes Electra! According to The Weather Channel [Ref 1], Winter Storm Electra will begin to develop in the Midwest … Continue reading