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A Drone May Be Coming To A Farm Near You

Source: Huffington Post It’s Super Bowl Weekend. With all that is happening locally – the NFL Experience and lots of parties – my mind is focused on activities from a month ago around the holidays. Tickets to see The Interview were the most sought after Christmas gift followed by personal drones. Personal Drones? Yes – … Continue reading

Gas Prices: Are We At The Bottom Of The Trough?

I might be exaggerating just a little if I told you that I hear the lyrics to Happy (by Pharrell Williams) playing every time I put gas in my vehicle – especially over the past three months. However, as most Americans continue to pay around $2.00 per gallon for regular gasoline, most U.S. consumers are … Continue reading

Diversity Without Inclusion Is Just a Game of Musical Chairs – Part 2

Part 1 of this post discussed the recent announcement of Microsoft’s new diversity initiative by CEO Sataya Nadella. Microsoft’s workforce demographics [Source: Business Insider] show that the company’s 100,000 employees work in 190 countries: 71% are men and 29% are women. There isn’t much of a surprise that 83% of the technical employees are men, … Continue reading

Diversity Without Inclusion Is Just a Game of Musical Chairs – Part 1

Sataya Nadella is about to reach a significant milestone in his career next month. Appointed February 4, 2014, the CEO of Microsoft will have served in that position for one full year. This CEO of a corporation that grossed over $22 million in net income last year has been making news, recently, for a number … Continue reading

Maricopa Wells Middle School Student Team Wins AZ Region’s 2015 Future City Competition

Phoenix, AZ: The City of Diamant de l’Arizona emerged from the finals round of the local Future City Competition as the 1st Place Winner of the Arizona Region. Their proposed city of the future is located in Pinal County in the year 2262 with a growing population of over 767,000. Kain Rivera is the engineering … Continue reading

Crude Oil Prices Continue Downward Trend

Here’s a question for readers of this blog: What are you doing with the extra money that is not going into your gas tank? Today’s average cost of gasoline for the U.S. is $2.198. Here in Arizona, the average price is $1.999, however, many retail stores are selling it for as low as $1.83 a … Continue reading