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Fracking: Technology In The Pipe

An earlier post, Fracking’s Game Changing Technology, covered the advent of a now famous experiment by Halliburton in the Hugoton field of Kansas in 1947, and summarized the fracking process. It also identified some of the fracking experiments that were undertaken through 1976 when the U.S. government funded research on fracking and created the Eastern Gas … Continue reading

Gas Prices Are Rising

Gas Prices Are Rising It’s safe to say that gas prices are on the rise. My last post on this topic, Gas Prices: Are We At The Bottom Of The Trough? , reported that the average price of regular gasoline was $2.03 on January 27, 2015. Here are today’s averages for regular gasoline in the U.S.: … Continue reading

Arizona Team Wins Two Special Awards at National Future City Competition

  A high of 330F and possible snow showers was the expected weather forecast in the nation’s capital today. Locally, we are convinced that members of Arizona Region’s 1st Place Team, Diamant de l’Arizona of Maricopa Wells Middle School, brought rays of sunshine to this year’s National Future City Competition. Michigan’s St. John Lutheran School walked … Continue reading

Her-Story: Diane Nash and Project Diane

“Who the hell is Diane Nash? Call her and let her know what is waiting for the Freedom Riders.” This question was asked during a phone conversation between Attorney General Robert (Bobby) Kennedy and a top advisor, John Seigenthaler, almost 54 years ago. Seigenthaler was in New Orleans, the end point of the Freedom Rides. … Continue reading

Student Team Heading to National Future City Competition

Phoenix, AZ: When you live in Maricopa, AZ, how do you pack for a trip to the nation’s capital in the middle of winter? And given that the weather forecast is for more snow in the northeast? We are confident that members of Arizona’s 1st Place Team have that figured out as the students, teacher, … Continue reading

Leaders: Trust But Verify

There are times when I am absolutely amazed at some of the conversations that are posted to social media. Recently, one of my friends raised the following question: “Who is the [political activist] that is always in the news speaking on behalf of [a certain group] of people?” Good question and a great segway to … Continue reading