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Leaders: Sage Advice of Selected Spring 2015 Commencement Speakers

As we near the end of May, the season of pomp and circumstances that accompanies many spring commencements for most U.S. colleges and universities is also coming to a close. This post captures a few snippets of wisdom and advice from selected 2015 commencement speakers. Each brought a special message to their audience in his … Continue reading

Diversity & Inclusion: Some vs All and Us vs Them

Weekly, I get a Word Fact via email from Dictionary.com that challenges my knowledge and understanding of the English language. Here are a few Word Fact examples that ask the reader to identify the correct usage of these words: fewer vs less, who vs whom, it’s vs its, that vs which, etc. Word Fact has … Continue reading

STEM: What is Technology?

In two earlier posts, explanations of science and math were discussed. Today’s post ask the question: What is technology? A simple explanation is given by Answers.com: technology is information on anything that man makes for his benefit out of resources available, to make tasks simpler to perform (e.g. stone tools, fire, wheel, etc.). It is the … Continue reading

Gasoline Prices Continue to Rise Prior to Start of 2015 Summer Driving Season

If I walk two blocks south of my current location in central Phoenix, the average price for regular gasoline at the local Chevron is $2.79 for cash customers, and $2.89 for those paying with a debit or credit card. However, two blocks to the north, I can find gas at Costco for $2.51 per gallon. … Continue reading