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Her-Story: Florence DiStefano Hudson

New beginnings are always fun and exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to observe several of my millennial friends complete their educations and embark on professional careers this year. Even more interesting, several of my friends and colleagues are launching Act 2 of their careers. One such person is Florence DiStefano Hudson, the focus of this … Continue reading

Crude Oil Prices Dip Below $40 A Barrel

This has been an exciting week for America’s stock market as the DOW reported its biggest loss of the year —down 531 points — on Friday, August 21, 2015. [Ref 1] Some analysts tie these losses to the slowdown of China’s economy and the devaluation of its currency, while others indicate that the market was … Continue reading

Of Lice and Men

Seems like it was just last week that media outlets reported that the U.S. was experiences a 50-state bed bug infestation. Now this week, at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Boston, MA, researchers reported that the lice population in 25 states has developed resistance to over-the-counter treatments. I can’t figure … Continue reading

Tech Note: Shade Balls Help Conserve Water

At my last count, 14 active wildfires are raging in California. So many that it prompted me to call my uncle in Sacramento to ensure that his property and family members are not in harm’s way.  After confirming that he was in the clear, our conversation turned to a related topic: the California drought. The … Continue reading

Will This New Information End The Thermostat Wars?

I couldn’t let this week end without saying something about the research that was released this week on why females are always complaining about being cold in air conditioned offices. I can’t think of too many females that could not relate to the thermostat wars in office buildings. I have had my share of iceberg … Continue reading

Which Direction Will Gas Prices Move After Summer 2015 Driving Season?

There is about one month left of the 2015 Summer Driving Season and today’s average price for a gallon on regular gasoline is $2.639. This and other data provided by GasBuddy.com [Ref 1] show that prices are heading downward. Predicting what motorist will pay for gasoline in the future is about as accurate as meteorologists … Continue reading