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Cheese Facts to Fight Breast Cancer and Navigate the Winds of Change

One in Eight by Sara Lyssan

One in Eight by Sara Lyssan

One of the things that I like about blogging is that sometimes potential post topics appear out of nowhere, or may be tied to the ebb and flow of the daily news and personal events. Although I had not planned to create three posts on the topic of breast cancer awareness, that is the way things rolled this month.

While my initial post on this topic, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer With New Technologies and Treatment, was more academic, the next post, New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines, provided a timely update on newly published information.

I also shared in my last post that I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer 18 years ago.  After reading a detailed summary of the new guidelines my personal thoughts were, “this sounds reasonable, however, I should ask another person who also has experience on this topic.” So, I did.

Here is the response from a member of GRITS (girls raised in the south) and a native of Orangeburg, SC – Evelyn Disher. Evelyn is a breast cancer survivor and has twice battled this disease. She said: “I’m no expert. I do believe that self-exams are critical from as early as anyone can perform them. We know our bodies better than anyone and should be aware of changes. Both of mine were discovered by me that way.” To bring up the rear, I also discovered my suspicious lump thru self-examination.

In a follow up response, Evelyn wrote this short note. With her permission, I am sharing it with you:

“I’m often reminded of the story that most of you are probably familiar with — the story of Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw in Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

I’m finding enough cheese to keep the journey going and loving the feeling! lol. Change is a blessing. And we aren’t too old to enjoy it!

The Hand Writing On The Wall (Source: Who Moved My Cheese?)

The Hand Writing On The Wall (Source: Who Moved My Cheese?)

So today, I repost highlights in this picture, The Hand Writing On The Wall,  that I keep for my benefit (maybe it will help you too).


  • You feel best when you’re moving along – even if it’s in a maze. (It is safer to search in the maze than remain in a cheeseless situation.)
  • Keep laughing at yourself! Let go and trust in what lays ahead!
  • When you stop being afraid, you feel good. Moving in a new direction is freeing! There is strength in having no fear.
  • Imagining yourself enjoying new cheese leads you to it. Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese. (When you change what you believe, you change what you do.)
  • Move With The Cheese And Enjoy It!

I have probably read Who Moved My Cheese? about 10 times since it was published in 1998. My last read was about two years ago. I considered reading it again as I was preparing this post, but found several versions of the movie (video) on YouTube that range from 10 to 15 minutes in length. It’s nothing like a photo or animation to add new dimensions to the lessons that are included in this short story.

We salute Evelyn for her courage in fighting breast cancer, and embracing a number of changes that she has had to make in her life that include a geographic relocation along with necessary career adjustments. Thank you for helping A Bridge for Business & STEM to put a personal face on breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.

My readers and I are also grateful to you for reminding those of us in business, STEM, and just about every other sector that change happens! They keep moving the cheese! We must be prepared to move quickly to avoid being in a cheeseless situation.

Cover Photo Credits: Survivors’ Salute, October 2014 [with permission from Thomas Vela/Chasing Light Photography, www.chasinglightphotography.zenfolio.com]

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