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Demonic Talking Barbie Dolls and Spray-on Nail Polish

The inspiration for this post comes from a naughty three-year old. I stumbled across a video of the toddler a day ago, however, it has gone viral since being posted to the web on September 20th. The story behind the video is reported by The Daily Mail [Ref 1]: Three-year-old Sophia Nagorski was recently busted … Continue reading

Retail Gasoline Price Check for the Start of the 2015 Holiday Season

  As we focus on the last six weeks of 2015 and the beginning of the Holiday Season here in the U.S., it’s a good time to look at current prices at the gasoline pump. One thing that I’ve noticed locally here in Arizona is that more retail gas stations are selling regular gasoline at … Continue reading

Numbers: Football in America – Friday Night Lights and High School Teams

We’re in the last month of the fall football season for most high schools in the U.S. Student teams are wrapping up their regular seasons and focusing on state play-off games. Collegiate teams have a few more weeks left in their regular season, after which some teams will head into the play-offs with the potential … Continue reading

Paper or Plastic? for the Tiny Mealworm

There’s been lots of news stories, posts, or other related clips on insects gathering increasing value as a protein source to eventually feed 9.6 billion people in 2050. However, my palate has yet to warm to fried scorpions as an appetizer. Therefore, when I heard about a styrofoam-plastic-eating mealworm, I thought, “this topic might be … Continue reading