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Demonic Talking Barbie Dolls and Spray-on Nail Polish


Photo of Sophia Nagorski (Source: Daily Mail)

The inspiration for this post comes from a naughty three-year old. I stumbled across a video of the toddler a day ago, however, it has gone viral since being posted to the web on September 20th. The story behind the video is reported by The Daily Mail [Ref 1]: Three-year-old Sophia Nagorski was recently busted by her dad Joseph, 39, at their home in Cleveland having painted her Barbie doll with nail polish – knowing full well that she was not supposed to be using it inside the house. But the youngster came up with a brilliantly imaginative excuse for her naughty behavior – which her amused father (Joseph) caught on camera.

“My baby girl was upset because she got into trouble for painting Barbie with her Disney nail polish,” Joseph wrote in the video caption. “She tried to get out of trouble by telling me that Barbie told her to do it a hundred times!”

Sophia’s dad lets her off the hook lightly, but asks her to tell the dolls “NO” the next time they ask her to bust out the polish. Her response: I will say no, but they will just say yes – a hundred times! 

As I watched Sophia’s video, I am thinking, “I wonder if she would have had less problems with dad and her dolls if she used spray-on nail polish?”  The suggestion for spray-on nail polish comes from a stumble-upon for a new product that is being marketed as an alternative to bottled nail polish. It certainly meets the criteria of creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. I can’t speak for Sophia, but I have yet to perfect the art of applying a flawless coat or two of polish to my finger nails.

I have friends who are pros at this. A few of these ladies can strip off old polish, then add a base coat and two enamel coats in what seems like less than 10 minutes. Not me!


Nails Inc. Spray Can Nail Polish

I don’t wear nail polish every day, however, when I do, the struggle of making it look like I had a professional manicure versus my blotchy do-it-yourself job has often proved challenging. Is it all in the fingers? or the wrist? to get that smooth layered look.

There is good news for the likes of me and Sophia. Last week, Nails Inc. launched a groundbreaking new product for customers in the UK: spray-on nail polish. This paint-can spray-polish makes it super easy to apply an even coat of polish in just a matter of seconds — with minimal clean up.  The firm reports that the overwhelming demand for the product overseas (it’s already sold out on the brand’s site), has resulted in a waiting list being created for customers in the U.S. The product won’t be available until March 2016 when it’s slated to launch.

Watching the video of nail polish being evenly applied out of an aerosol spray can in seconds almost gave me heart palpitations. I’m thinking, “This is well worth the $12 per can cost compared to the less expensive bottled brands.” My nails could be painted in seconds vs almost 30 to 45 minutes using my fumbling fingers.

I bet even my home-salon manicurist friends above would appreciate this product. Again, we are talking seconds, not minutes to get a professional looking manicure.

The one question that wasn’t answered from the product video is how to get rid of the excess paint on your fingers around the nail bed? The company provides a simple solution: to remove excess polish from around your nail bed, wash hands with warm, soapy water. Sophia and I are in the money on this spray-on nail polish. Ka-$ching!!!

Nails Inc. has indicated that the product will initially be available two colors: Hoxton Square, a hot neon pink, and Shoreditch Lane, a silver foil. You can also apply the product over existing polish for a quick change or apply solo with a base coat.

Although the product won’t be available in the U.S. at the start of this holiday season, I am very excited about having a better looking manicure in 2016.

Nails Inc. nailed it on this innovative idea that is the equivalent of a technology transfer from a mostly industrial-based application to the cosmetics arena.

For me, this is another opportunity to show-case an application of business and STEM.


  1. ‘Barbie made me do it!’ Naughty toddler tries to weasel her way out of trouble by blaming her doll when her dad catches her painting its nails with polish, by Valerie Siebert for The Daily Mail, October 7, 2015, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3263904/Barbie-Naughty-toddler-tries-weasel-way-trouble-blaming-doll-dad-catches-painting-nails-polish.html#ixzz3sN5Xp8Si
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