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Quick Reader Poll: Would You Buy The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?



Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The annual Computer and Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV is history until next year. I enjoyed viewing and listening to critiques of some of the new product ideas while watching television news or scrolling through frequent updates on social media.

In case you are not familiar with CES, as Wired Magazine puts it, “It is a seemingly endless bonanza of product debuts. Everything from cars and drones to headphones and televisions were on display here, and in mind-boggling quantities.”  Virtual reality headsets and drones were even bigger than they were last year, and so was health and fitness. An earlier post, A New Year, A New Smart Bra, covered the debut of the world’s first smart bra by OMSignal, a Canadian-based firm. There was a number of not-so-new items, like smart watches and phones with a few new enhancements, and the return of turn-tables to match the return of vinyl records and albums.

However, the internet of things (IOT) was definitely big at this year’s show, and seen in more gadgets, household appliances, vehicles, etc. IOT is a proposed development of the internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

That brings us to the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator that was on display at CES. Here’s a description of the new product [Ref 1]:

Samsung’s latest and flashiest appliance, unveiled Tuesday [January 5, 2016] at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has more bells and whistles than some mobile devices. The $5,000 fridge comes with three cameras hidden inside to take photos of all the foodstuffs on its shelves.

It also sports a 21.5-inch touchscreen built into the front door. You can mirror the video feed from your Samsung smart TV to the display as well as access certain apps, like playing music from streaming service Pandora, syncing your schedule to a family calendar with the Sticki app or one day asking Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistant to do things like set a kitchen timer. The Groceries by MasterCard app lets you order goods from FreshDirect and ShopRite, while Samsung’s SmartThings home automation software lets you remotely adjust the fridge’s temperature or get an alert if the door is left open.

Depending on the volume of food that you and other family members purchase each year, this product could pay for itself over time by preventing food waste and extra trips to the grocery store for forgotten items. All of that spells s-a-v-i-n-g-s in $s over time.

Here’s my question to readers and visitors of A Bridge for Business & STEM: At a sticker price of $5,000, would you purchase the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator?


Thank you for your input.


  1. Samsung’s super-fridge packs everything but the kitchen sink, by Shara Tibken for CNET, January 5, 2016, http://www.cnet.com/news/samsungs-super-fridge-packs-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink/

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