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In a Cup or on Your Wrist? How Would You Like Your Coffee?

This past week proved physically challenging for me in that I had at least one major event each day. As I approached the weekend, I definitely needed more than my regular cup of coffee to rev my internal cylinders and get out of the house on time. This makes my latest new product stumble-upon: the caffeine bracelet by Joule more interesting. Initially, the idea of wearable caffeine did not resonate with me. However, the more I think about it, the concept has merit.

Joule caffeine bracelet

Joule caffeine bracelet

I’m now asking myself, “How many of the 7.3 billion people (Source: U.S. Census) living on this earth are coffee drinkers?” Providing an exact answer will take more time than I have for this post, however, the folks at Zagat [Ref 1] tell us that here in the U.S. the national average number of coffee drinks consumed by the coffee crowd is 2.1 per day. Coffee consumption also increases with age. No surprise.

People in their twenties consume the least number of coffee drinks per day (1.8), compared to those in their thirties (2.0), forties (2.2), fifties (2.4) and sixties (2.4). These and other data were compiled from Zagat’s 3rd annual Coffee Survey that is based on nearly 1,500 respondents sharing their coffee habits and opinions.

The concept of wearable caffeine didn’t take long to kick-in for me. After arriving at my destination for a volunteer activity at First Institutional Baptist Church this past weekend (moving classroom contents from one building to another), and after a long and tiring week, I needed special prayers just to get out of bed and reach my destination by 9 a.m. I had my regular cup (more like a mug) of coffee at home with breakfast. After arriving at my destination, another cup was needed.

I found brewed coffee along with juice and water in the community room of The Hope Center. After a few swallows, I and my coffee were ready to move. Whoops! It’s kind of hard to pack and move things with a cup of coffee in your hand. Now, if I had that coffee bracelet, I could have slipped on Cup No. 2, and wouldn’t have missed a beat in my loading and unloading activities, or needed to worry about spilling a few drops on the floor.

Another positive of slipping on Cup No. 2  is not getting that second cup of caffeine in one dose, but a steady dose over a four-hour period. No spills, no extra hot coffee to manage, and no extra trips to the bathroom when Cup No. 2 really kicks in for me.  Because the patches provide transdermal caffeine delivery, you get an even supply of caffeine and every side effect and negative listed above can be avoided. These patches work in a similar fashion to a nicotine patch or other transdermal medication patches. The bracelet is simple to use and each dose of caffeine lasts for roughly four hours.

According to Melia Robinson of TechInsider, “This ‘caffeine bracelet’ is the next best thing to a coffee IV drip!”

Based on the content provided above, tell us whether or not you would consider purchasing the Joules caffeine bracelet?:

joules-caffeine-bracelet-advantagesAnd while many of us extol the benefits and virtues of a great cup of coffee, there are a few negatives that come with large consumption of coffee and/or caffeine. [See list on left. Source: Joules]

I don’t think the caffeine bracelet will replace my first cup of coffee in the morning, however, it could! These negatives could easily convert long-time coffee drinkers to this alternative form. Eliminating stained teeth and headaches are two big ones at the top of my list.

TechInsider also reports that the product or patch is already FDA approved, however, the company is seeking approval as a natural health product. The patch is made with guarana extract, which has twice the caffeine concentration as coffee beans. Other ingredients the patch include flaxseed oil, a seaweed commonly used as an herbal remedy, and several amino acids.

One more thing…just in case you are an early adopter, the product isn’t expected to be available until later this year. When the bracelet starts to ship later this year, it will cost $29, including 30 patches. Additional 30-day supplies will cost $27. The company also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo about a week ago.

And one last reminder to vote and tell us if you would consider purchasing the Joules caffeine bracelet?


  1. National Coffee Trends Revealed, Jaime Tredwell for Zagat Blog, February 25, 2015, http://zagat.blogspot.com/2015/02/national-coffeetrends-revealed.html

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