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Unconscious Bias: “I think you’re setting your goals too high. You will only fail.”

“Racism is not intellectual. I can not reason these scars away.” Continue reading

Her-Story: A Mid-Summer Reading List of She-Roes and Courageous Women

Since creating the Her-Story category on this blog two years ago, posts filed under this heading have received a number of likes and comments and a few rave reviews. The idea for this category came during Women’s History Month 2014. After publishing a combined post for both African-American and Women History Months, it occurred to … Continue reading

Price Updates for Gasoline and Crude Oil

For the week ending Friday, July 22, 2016, gasoline prices are continuing a downward trend due to ample fuel supplies and the declining costs of crude oil. AAA reports that gas prices have once again dropped below $2 per gallon in many parts of the country, which is something that drivers have not seen during the … Continue reading

Ferrite Beads Perform A Useful Function

I am usually glued to my notebook when working from home. It is often plugged into an electrical source, however, at times I need to be more mobile or seek a change of venue from my chair and desk. Often when reconnecting to the power source, I have to make adjustments to ensure that the … Continue reading

Unconscious Bias: Who Other Than Me Would You Like To Talk To?

An event from this past weekend took me back to a memorable conversation that occurred about 10 years ago. I was attending a three-day annual engineering and environmental summit that promotes speakers and topics of interests to a like-minded audience of representatives from businesses, industry, governments, and the public. The summit schedule included half-hour breaks … Continue reading

Quick Reader Poll: Can A Person Drink Too Much Water?

We are just one month into summer and everyone is reminding everyone else to drink water. After all, I live in a desert, and summer temps can be hot as Hades. And while the focus on being properly hydrated is stressed by everyone including the news media, this question came up between me and a … Continue reading

Their Story: Leroy Bradford Brown, MD and Ola Watkins Brown, RN

About six weeks ago, my family members and I were thrown two curve balls – each traveling at 100 miles per hour. My paternal uncle, Leroy Brown, and his wife, Ola Brown, were involved in a very serious car crash while returning from a two week road-trip that included attending a grandson’s graduation and visiting … Continue reading

Quick Glance: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices for Independence Day Weekend 2016

Did you know that Independence Day Weekend is the most traveled weekend of summer? We’ve spent a lot of time monitoring gas prices at the beginning and end of the annual summer driving season on this blog, however, we’ve haven’t really focused on driving habits for Independence Day Weekend. For 2016, the holiday travel period … Continue reading