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I’ve Been Thinking…

Maria-Shriver_I've-Been-Thinking-Book-CoverI’ve been thinking about many things since this new year began. Those of you who know me know that this is my modus operandi (MO). After all, I’m a consultant who gets paid to think about the issues and problems of others (individuals as well as organizations), identify their pain points, and develop appropriate solutions and plans of actions to resolve them.

One of my thoughts for 2018 has already produced fruit. I received an invitation to become a member of the Launch Team for Maria Shriver’s new book, I’ve Been Thinking…! A special e-version of her book should be arriving today or tomorrow in my In-Box.

This is the third book project that I will have participated in during the past 12 years. One difference between this project and the other two is that I will be working with a Launch Team Manager and other contributors. We will actively use social media to communicate and facilitate discussions prior to and during the launch.

Until recently, I haven’t given much thought to why I like to read or enjoy being in the learning or classroom mode. This is something that I was gifted with from birth and for many years, I took for granted that this was true for everyone else. My previous blog post, Numbers: Illiteracy in the United States, shows that 32 million adults in America are functionally illiterate. This figure not only resonated with me, but also with several of my regular readers based on their comments. Approximately one-third of adults who struggle with illiteracy are aged 65 or older. That speaks volumes given the Divided States of America in which we are now living.

The ability to read is not only enjoyable for some, it can and has been life-changing for many others. Given the response and comments to my blog post, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the problem of illiteracy in these United States and the role it plays in the ability of some citizens to earn a livable wage.  Illiteracy can be a major barrier to young adults who might be interested in going to college or finding a stable job.  A clear connection has been shown between illiteracy and the U.S. prison population and recidivism rate.

In closing, one of my assignments as a team member is to help promote Maria’s new book. Therefore, if you want to preview I’ve Been Thinking…” go to http://amzn.to/2BXcteO. The official release date for the book is Feb 27, 2018.


About Vi Brown

Vi is principal and CEO of Prophecy Consulting Group, LLC, an Arizona firm that provides business and engineering services to private and public clients. Prior to establishing her consulting practice in 2001, Vi worked with Motorola, Maricopa County Government, Pacific Gas & Electric, CH2M Hill, and Procter & Gamble. As an adjunct faculty member, Vi teaches undergraduate calculus classes and graduate level environmental courses. She is also a professional speaker.


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