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MLK Day 2018 Finds Me Reviewing the United States Constitution

As we are working our way through the first month of this new year, we are approaching the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday on Monday, January 15, 2017. This special holiday honors King who was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and … Continue reading

Numbers – 64%: Americans Who Support Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana is one of the least polarizing issues in America! This statement was made by Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s long-running political talk show, Meet the Press, (aired on January 7, 2018). This finding comes as the Trump Administration has rescinded an Obama-era policy that discouraged federal prosecutors from pursuing charges against marijuana users … Continue reading

Be Sure These Two Persons Are On Your Team In 2018

It’s Week 2 of Calendar Year (CY) 2018. My morning ritual usually includes listening to and/or watching various news and talk shows while eating breakfast, working on a particular task or project, checking email, reviewing social media updates, writing, etc. It’s no surprise that during the first week of 2018, most of the morning shows … Continue reading

Standard mileage rate and new business-use vehicle depreciation limits increase for 2018

There has been much discussion about the Tax Cut and Jobs Act that was passed by Congress last month and signed into law by President Trump. While many are discussing the expected reduction in tax rates beginning in 2018, here are two changes in the tax laws that you may or may not be aware … Continue reading

Gas Prices Are Up At The Beginning of 2018

My last post on gas prices, Christmas 2017 Gas Prices Expected To Be Higher Than Last Year, was published on December 20, 2017. At that time, the average price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.444. Holiday travel for Christmas and New Year have concluded and show a rise of about 4 cents per gallon for … Continue reading

In Support of Net Neutrality

As expected, in a 3-2 vote, members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted this week to overturn net neutrality on Thursday, December 14, 2017. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, … Continue reading

Time’s Person of the Year – The Silence Breakers, #MeToo

  Time Magazine revealed its 2017 Person of the Year earlier today! I had not planned to share this announcement with you, however, after learning that The Silence Breakers garnered this prestigious award and honor, it became difficult for me to let this day pass without making at least one statement. For starters, The Silence … Continue reading

Hour of Code 2017 is Almost Here

Computer Science Education Week is December 4-10, 2017 . As a reminder, Hour of Code is almost here, and this year marks the 5th anniversary of this global event. In 2013, Hour of Code was launched by an organization called Code.org during Computer Science Education Week by twin brothers Hadi and Ali Partovi. Since then, … Continue reading

Gas Prices Are Stable This Week of Thanksgiving 2017

Since my last post on gasoline prices three weeks ago, fuel prices rose upward as much as 9 cents before falling back to today’s current national average of $2.542 per gallon for regular grade. While this price is about 40 ¢ higher than a year ago, the good news is that it is less than … Continue reading

12 Small Business Facts You Should Know for Small Business Saturday 2017

This coming Saturday, November 25, 2017, is Small Business Saturday® – a day to celebrate and support small businesses in your community as well as online. As a small business owner, I encourage you to shop small on this day, but don’t stop there. Patronize small businesses every day of the year. The term, small … Continue reading