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Grady Gammage, Jr. To Discuss New Book At SusTech 2016

Phoenix, AZ.  Grady Gammage, Jr. is one of the featured keynote speakers at the upcoming SusTech 2016 Conference on Technologies Driving Sustainability on October 9-11, 2016 at the Phoenix Airport Marriott, 1101 North 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85008, USA.  Gammage, a part time academic, a practicing lawyer, an author, a sometime real estate developer and … Continue reading

The Maker Movement Is Coming to SusTech 2016

News Release: September 11, 2016 Event Contacts: Vivek Gupta, vmgupta@msn.com Ed Perkins, e.perkins@ieee.org. The Maker Movement Is Coming to SusTech 2016 Attendees Can Save When They Register by September 14, 2016 Phoenix, AZ. The upcoming SusTech 2016 Conference is packed with speakers and events, one of which is the Makers & Sustainability Workshop that will … Continue reading

America Has The Wright Brothers and Brazil has Santos-Dumont

Like so many other folks in the U.S. and around the world, I’ve been keeping up with the medals count but have only managed to watch a few of the sporting events of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this week. I did, however, carve out time for the opening ceremony on … Continue reading

Her-Story: A Mid-Summer Reading List of She-Roes and Courageous Women

Since creating the Her-Story category on this blog two years ago, posts filed under this heading have received a number of likes and comments and a few rave reviews. The idea for this category came during Women’s History Month 2014. After publishing a combined post for both African-American and Women History Months, it occurred to … Continue reading

Quick Reader Poll: Dacuda PocketScan Wireless Scanner

It happened again! I opened a recent email, began scrolling down the list of new product offerings, and there it was: the Dacuda PocketScan Wireless Scanner! My initial thoughts were: “I have to have one of these. I must have one of these.” For someone who works from home and in mobile mode, I immediately saw … Continue reading

NUMBERS: Distracted Walking Accidents On The Rise – Urban Periscope to the Rescue

Earlier this month I was introduced to urban periscope – a new device or sleeve for your iPhone that slides over the phone case with a lens on top like a periscope. The firm by the same name proposes that their device redirects your vision 90 degrees with a periscope so you can text and … Continue reading

In a Cup or on Your Wrist? How Would You Like Your Coffee?

This past week proved physically challenging for me in that I had at least one major event each day. As I approached the weekend, I definitely needed more than my regular cup of coffee to rev my internal cylinders and get out of the house on time. This makes my latest new product stumble-upon: the … Continue reading

Demonic Talking Barbie Dolls and Spray-on Nail Polish

The inspiration for this post comes from a naughty three-year old. I stumbled across a video of the toddler a day ago, however, it has gone viral since being posted to the web on September 20th. The story behind the video is reported by The Daily Mail [Ref 1]: Three-year-old Sophia Nagorski was recently busted … Continue reading

A Mobile Phone Designed for Seniors

Everyone does not need or want a smart phone. There, I said it! Before you convict me of heresy, know that I am a loyal member of the smart phone crowd. My phone coupled with my notebook provide me with the option to have a virtual office just about anywhere. On the other hand, there’s … Continue reading

Tesla Motors Changes the Game With Proposed Battery Facility

The Fall Equinox will begin in North America in less than two days. With the change in seasons comes a chance for me to catch my breath after a busy period the last three months. This provides me with the opportunity to play catch-up in a number of areas including revisiting a few news making … Continue reading