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Unconscious Bias: Guest Post – Grabbing the Controls

Guest Post Author: Sondra Thierderman, PhD Have you ever believed something was a certain way, acted as if you were right, and, voila!, your belief came true? If that initial belief is a positive one, these self-fulfilling prophecies can be great, but, what if, on the other hand, it is negative or misguided? Take for … Continue reading

Guest Post: Unconscious Biases – They Tend to Give Themselves Away

Guest Post Author: Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D. Sometimes I get impatient with the phrase “unconscious bias.” The word “unconscious” leaves the impression that these biases – these inflexible beliefs about particular categories of people – are completely beyond our reach. In turn, because they are (supposedly) beyond our reach, the implication is that there’s nothing we … Continue reading

Guest Post: Finders Keepers

Guest Post Author: Eric Herrenkohl When you find good people, do you keep them in your life? Recently I had the chance to interview a logistics leader for a major multinational firm in Canada. In the course of the interview, this guy told a story about taking a new role and reaching out to recruit … Continue reading

Guest Post: The Hidden Cost of Unconscious Bias

Guest Post Author: Sondra Thierderman, PhD We all know there is a high cost for bias in the workplace. Some of those costs are obvious: managers fail to hire valuable employees, the target of the bias is deprived of career opportunities, and the organization is at risk of legal ramifications. Those are the costs that … Continue reading

Unconscious Bias: Guest Post – Do I Have An Unconscious Bias?

Guest Post Author: Sondra Thierderman, PhD A quick search on the internet tells me that the most commonly misdiagnosed diseases include Fibromyalgia, Multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease. I have one to add to the list: unconscious bias. Admittedly, biases – our inflexible beliefs about particular categories of people – are not medical in nature, but … Continue reading

Guest Post: Don’t Surround a Great Dane with Chihuahuas

Several years ago, my wife and I ran into a young woman with whom I have worked in the past and whom we also know socially. She has always been a terrific performer, and at this point in her career she was one of 400 financial analysts working for a large company here in the … Continue reading

Guest Post: The Plastic Water Bottle Effect

This blog, A Bridge for Business & STEM, is 16 months old. While I still feel like a newcomer to the blogosphere, I am definitely not a neophyte to this region of cyberspace. One of my proudest moments as a blogger was on April 29, 2013 when my post, BAITERs, Haters, and Social Climbers, received … Continue reading