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Her-Story: Alice Augusta Ball

  While googling another topic, I came across the research and contributions of Alice Augusta Ball, a chemist and university professor who made a significant contribution to medicine and science. In 1915, Ball worked with an assistant surgeon and U.S. Public Health officer in Hawaii to research the properties of chaulmoogra oil. Her claim to … Continue reading

Her-Story: Jean Williams

This Women’s History Month has been rich with content featuring known and unknown females who have made great contributions to their communities, the United States, and the world. Perhaps my taking notice of this special content is tied to several events that have already occurred this year that include the Women’s March and release of … Continue reading

Her-Story: Retha Hill

In case you missed this, Arizona State University’s (ASU) Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication recently won a prestigious innovation award from the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) for student-designed virtual reality (VR) apps that explore the US-Mexico border. [Ref 1] The Cronkite School’s New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab is the … Continue reading

Her-Story: A Mid-Summer Reading List of She-Roes and Courageous Women

Since creating the Her-Story category on this blog two years ago, posts filed under this heading have received a number of likes and comments and a few rave reviews. The idea for this category came during Women’s History Month 2014. After publishing a combined post for both African-American and Women History Months, it occurred to … Continue reading

Her-Story: Patricia L. Brown

“You can’t be everything to everybody, but the fact that some women didn’t need us didn’t mean that there weren’t an awful lot more women who did.” – Pat Brown During a stay in Chicago for a board of directors (bod) meeting about 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of the … Continue reading

Her-Story: Remembering Lucy Diggs Slowe

We are approaching the end of February, and with it the end of Black History Month. If you have been reading my blog for more than a year, you already know that I have not limited the subject of black history to the month of February. As I shared earlier, black history is American history … Continue reading

Her-Story: Florence DiStefano Hudson

New beginnings are always fun and exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to observe several of my millennial friends complete their educations and embark on professional careers this year. Even more interesting, several of my friends and colleagues are launching Act 2 of their careers. One such person is Florence DiStefano Hudson, the focus of this … Continue reading

Her-Story: Diane Nash and Project Diane

“Who the hell is Diane Nash? Call her and let her know what is waiting for the Freedom Riders.” This question was asked during a phone conversation between Attorney General Robert (Bobby) Kennedy and a top advisor, John Seigenthaler, almost 54 years ago. Seigenthaler was in New Orleans, the end point of the Freedom Rides. … Continue reading

Her-Story: Anne Lucietto, PhD

Earlier this year, a good friend celebrated a major milestone in her life and career. She received her PhD in engineering education from Purdue University. Achieving her terminal degree is more than a footnote in an area of academia that still produces too few female graduates. It was just four years ago that women surpassed … Continue reading

Her-Story: MO’NE DAVIS

“I throw my curve ball like Clayton Kershaw, and my fast ball like Mo’Ne Davis.” Mo’Ne Davis There is something about Mo’ne Davis that captivates me every time I see her. To my surprise and delight this past Thursday on Thanksgiving morning, the little league pitcher and the rest of the Taney Dragons team members … Continue reading