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Sunscreen: History, Development, and Current Questions

Ambient temperatures are rising across the country and summer is on its way. The frequency that I have been reaching for my sunscreen lotion over the past four weeks is also increasing with rising temperatures. Therefore, imagine my confusion when news outlets began reporting over the past 7 to 10 days that some of the … Continue reading

Proposed New Wind Turbines Mimic the Shape of a Bird

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that while wind’s role in the capacity market has been limited, it has been playing a bigger one in the spot market. Its capacity on the grid jumped to 7,655 megawatts last year and has more than doubled in the past seven years, based on data from PJM Interconnection LLC, a … Continue reading

Smart Products: Bluetooth Inhalers

When I first heard about Bluetooth inhalers, I visualized some fancy, high-tech, hand-held product with lots of flashing bells and whistles. This new product turned out to not be nothing like that. It is actually an add-on device that attaches to a patient’s regular inhaler, however, it connects wirelessly to a smartphone. What peaked my … Continue reading