I write and speak about a variety of topics related to business and/or the STEM professions. I am available to speak at your event or develop a workshop on these or other topics:

  • business and STEM
  • diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias
  • communication strategies for working people
  • energy related topics

Upcoming Events

February 1, 2016  The U.S. Dept. of Energy Industrial Assessment Center Program: Best Practices from the Past 40 Years, sponsored by AIChE.

Past Events

January 4, 2017  Advance Screening for Movie: Hidden Figures @ Harkins, Tempe Market Place

Dec 21, 2016    Certifications – The First Step On The Path To Government Contracts with Myra Cisse, Sponsored by Government Contractors

Dec 11, 2016      First Institutional Baptist Church Ministry Fair – Phoenix, AZ

Nov 13-18           American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting – San Francisco, CA

Oct 9-11, 2016    IEEE SusTech 2016: Conference on Technologies for Sustainability  in Phoenix, AZ

Sep 27, 2016        Email is the New Vector for Cyber Attacks

July 20, 2016      Documentary Video: Breakthrough in Renewable Energy (sponsored by AIChE Chenected)

July 13, 2016       Engineering Science Publication Practice and Ethics  with Michael Domach, PhD (a webinar sponsored by AIChE)

July 1, 2016          Introduction to R for Data Science (an e-course by Microsoft)

June 21, 2016       ‪#‎GrowMakers‬ Twitter Chat, Tuesday, June 21 at 12 p.m. EDT. – Growing a nation of makers.

May 19, 2016       SWE Governance Town Hall Webinar for Past Presidents and Fellows (7 p.m. CDT)

April 8, 2016         The Flint Water Crisis – Exploring What Occurred and How, Sponsored by AIChE

April 3, 2016         Meet with Monica Stowe, AIChE Membership Associate at Dilly’s Deli in Tempe, AZ at 1 p.m.

April 1, 2016           U.S. Zika Action Plan Summit Press Conference (hosted by The Centers for Disease Control)

Feb 18-27, 2016         Skillcrush’s 10-Day Coding Bootcamp

Jan 23, 2016                Future City Competition – Arizona Region at Arizona State University

Jan 17-22, 2015           Exhibit of 3-D Models for Future City Competition at Burton-Barr Central Library,  Phoenix, AZ

Jan 13, 2016                 An Overview of Battery Technology (webinar sponsored by AIChE)

Oct 2015                       Breast Cancer Awareness Month (interview candidate for blog post)

Sep 1, 2015                   President Frederick engages alumni and friends of the University in a webcast  conversation with journalist Ed Gordon.

Aug 14, 2015                Wired & Inspired: The Intelligent Use of Technology in Higher Education Virtual Mini-Conference  (sponsored by Cengage and Team Up)

July 24, 2015               Participated in a Google Hangout discussion with technology/media guru Howard Rheingold about the various digital literacies we all need. This event is a part of the “MediaLIT: Overcoming Information Overload” free online course (http://bit.ly/mediamooc).

June 2015                      IEEE Virtual Career and Talent Expo throughout the month (e-seminars, career fair, coaching, etc.)

May 2015                       Commence Summer of Reading and Self-Enrichment

Feb 5, 2015                    February Issue Launch Party – Green Living Magazine, Scottsdale, AZ (Attending)

Feb 4, 2015                    Project Management using The Observe, Orient, Design, and Act (OODA) System, State Library of Arizona  (Attending)

Jan 22, 2015                  Project Management Institute Meeting – Cyber Security for Project Managers (In Attendance)

Jan 17, 2015                  Future City Competition – AZ Region, at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ  (Volunteer and Media Chair)

Jan 11-16, 2015           Exhibit of 3-D Models for Future City Competition (Volunteer and Planning Committee Member)

Jan 11, 2015                  Kick-off of Exhibit of 3-D Models for  Future City Competition – Arizona Region, Burton-Barr Library, Phoenix, AZ

(Interviewed by local media from Fox Channel 10, ABC News 15, and CBS 5)

Nov 15, 2014                Relevant Teaching III Workshop, First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ

  • Presentation I:  Multiple Intelligence Revisited
  • Presentation II: Hook, Book, Look, Took (HBLT) Approach

September 13, 2014        Society of Women Engineers Regions A-B-J Meeting  (Las Vegas, NV)

Presentation: Updates from the Society Nominating Committee: A brief look at the past and current practices of the Society of Women Engineer’s Nominating Committee, its policies, and procedures were presented  to attendees of the regions A-B-J meeting.

April 2013                        Office of the Auditor General, State of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)

Presentation: Budget & Schedule – The Evil Twins of Project Managers: The audience for this presentation were staff of the Office of the Auditor General, State of Arizona. They are responsible for auditing projects and budgets for various departments within the State of Arizona.

Jan 11, 2012                     Workshop Presentation: Request for Proposal, Qualifications, and Information (Phoenix, AZ)

This workshop will explain the RFP, RFQ, and RFI processes and describe how to identify, prepare, and submit responses to bidding opportunities (for the Mind Your Business Small Business Workshop Series)

Guests Posts

  • Guest Post: Would You Date A Republican? by Sondra Thierderman, PhD

Media Mentions

February 2015               Green Living Magazine February 2015 Issue: Budding Engineers Build Solutions for Future City Competition (several quotes attributed to Vi Brown)

January 11, 2015            Kick-off of Exhibit of 3-D Models for Future City Competition – AZ Region, Burton-Barr Library, Phoenix, AZ

(Interviewed by local media from Fox Channel 10, ABC News 15, and CBS 5)

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