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Student Team Gives Their Future Vision of New York City

Most everyone in the United States knows that New York City is America’s largest city with an estimated population of over 8 million according to the Bureau of Census (2012 data). It is special in its make-up of people and attractions, and is unique for its one-of-a-kind diversity and offerings that include Times Square, the … Continue reading

Leaders: The Truth May Cost a Great Deal

Today, we are observing the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday here in the U.S. While listening to one of Dr. King’s speeches on cable television this afternoon, I was scrolling through my “content and ideas” folder for this blog and came across a quote from an episode of the long running western and … Continue reading

Leaders: Crossing Paths With Haters

A previous post, BAITERs, Haters, and Social Climbers, continues to receive considerable views and comments over one year after it was published on this blog. I apparently touched a nerve somewhere in cyberspace. My takeaway is that this topic and related subjects warrant further discussion. Earlier today, I received this message via FaceBook from a … Continue reading

Tracking Gasoline and Electric Energy Prices for the New Year

Happy New Year! Another year and an opportunity to observe, track, and analyze petrol (gasoline) prices here in the U.S. By now, I am guessing that most of you have seen the ExxonMobil commercial inviting television viewers to take The Energy Quiz. [Ref 1] The question asked in the commercial is what country does the … Continue reading