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Tesla Motors Changes the Game With Proposed Battery Facility

The Fall Equinox will begin in North America in less than two days. With the change in seasons comes a chance for me to catch my breath after a busy period the last three months. This provides me with the opportunity to play catch-up in a number of areas including revisiting a few news making … Continue reading

Real Help That You Can Use

In the middle of running errands two days ago, I made a stop at the post office near 40th Street and Thomas in Phoenix. As I was getting into my car and driving out of the parking lot, I noticed an AutoZone store next door. I’d been meaning to pick up a quart of power … Continue reading

The Futurecast is More Rain

In addition to a number of other priorities that have kept me extremely busy for the past few weeks, I had the fortunate and unfortunate opportunity to witness an historic weather event. About one week ago, I was awakened by the aggressive pitter-patter of rainfall. I am not exactly sure of the time it started … Continue reading