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A Mobile Phone Designed for Seniors

Everyone does not need or want a smart phone. There, I said it! Before you convict me of heresy, know that I am a loyal member of the smart phone crowd. My phone coupled with my notebook provide me with the option to have a virtual office just about anywhere. On the other hand, there’s … Continue reading

Blown Fuses and Bleary Eyes Today

So much for the best laid plans. After a fairly productive day of work at home yesterday, I took a break to watch about two hours of television during the evening before finding my second wind. I needed to complete some reading for several projects last night. Jimmy Fallon was introducing his first guest on … Continue reading

Mid-Summer 2015 Gas Price Check

As a part of a homework assignment for MCO425x Media Literacy –  a massive online open course (MOOC) sponsored by Arizona State University, EdX, and the McCormick Foundation – my fellow students and I were asked to create a post for our class blog. The objective is to write about how media of all kinds … Continue reading

Why You and I Need To Learn How To Become Critics and Creators of Media

Are you one of those people that has a stack of unread books piling up somewhere in your home or office? After years of acquiring books from signing events, book stores, or as gifts, I found at least 10 that have never been read. My goal: eliminate the book pile by creating a summer of … Continue reading

New 3-D Car To Be Road Ready by 2016

On July 7, 2015, A Phoenix, AZ auto manufacturer announced the winning design of a 3-D printed car that will be road ready by 2016.  If you didn’t know that an auto manufacturer is located in Arizona, neither did I. The first 3-D car was unveiled in China in 2013 that was able to reach … Continue reading

Fracking: What’s in Fracking Fluid?

Cover Photo Credit: San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (Esther Heller, photographer) The U.S. continues to enjoy the oil and gas boom from fracking and directional drilling. Crude oil prices have been on the rebound the past three months. This is a good sign for this sector. Lower crude oil prices forced some drillers into … Continue reading