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Thrown Under The Bus – Part 4: Deciding Not to Decide

Thrown Under The Bus – Part 4: Deciding Not to Decide

One of my pet peeves of the workplace is going to meeting after meeting after meeting without one decision ever being made. There is no shortage of reasons as to why teams, managers, and organizations fail to make decisions. Here are a few: – Avoid angering one or more members of a group or team. … Continue reading

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  • Future Posts:  (in no special order) 1) Her-Story: Dr. Wanda Austin,  2) Young Entrepreneur who developed a bra that senses breast cancer tumors. 3) Fracking Update, and 4) Numbers: Football in America  
  • Post Notes: University of Arizona Trains Visually Impaired Youth for STEM - The NSF-funded Project POEM was launched to better understand and advance the awareness and persistence toward STEM-related careers by middle and high school students with visual impairments. https://uanews.arizona.edu/story/ua-trains-visually-impaired-youth-stem    
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