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Her-Story: Florence DiStefano Hudson

Her-Story: Florence DiStefano Hudson

New beginnings are always fun and exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to observe several of my millennial friends complete their educations and embark on professional careers this year. Even more interesting, several of my friends and colleagues are launching Act 2 of their careers. One such person is Florence DiStefano Hudson, the focus of this … Continue reading

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  • Why Silicon Valley Falls Short When It Comes To Education by Daniel Pianko on August 30, 2015 Failure to transform American higher education may undo the very building blocks of our nation’s innovation infrastructure. Instead, today’s current generation of entrepreneurs are spending their energy and resources lobbying for band-aid solutions like H-1B visas, when they could be reimagining the current pipeline to address the lack of female and minority engineers in their companies. http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/30/why-silicon-valley-falls-short-when-it-comes-to-education/#.bcwkro:6YG7
  • Virginia Tech engineering education professors seek to find ways to reduce time spent studying for a degree The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $1.28 million to Virginia Tech engineering education faculty members Stephanie Adams and Holly Matusovich to offer a Dissertation Institute to evaluate issues that could lead to shortening a student’s time to earn a doctoral degree. http://augustafreepress.com/virginia-tech-engineering-education-professors-seek-to-find-ways-to-reduce-time-spent-studying-for-a-degree/ Published Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015, 5:36 pm
  • Future Topics: Social Climbers: Master Interlopers, Millenials, What is strategy, Gas Tax, Cuba & Technology, E-Cigarettes, Human Behavior, "All Money is Not Good Money", Hostess' Reincarnation, Mars Rover Curiosity updates, Women Engineering PhDs,Women & Boards, STEM, Fracking: Environmental Issues, Nanotechnology

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