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Unconscious Bias: Why Is It Always “We’ll Take Over Now” After The Heavy Lifting Is Done?

Unconscious Bias: Why Is It Always “We’ll Take Over Now” After The Heavy Lifting Is Done?

  There are days when it seems like some things never change. No work place is perfect. There will always be challenges with equipment, operating systems, and supplies. However, when you add humans to the mix, you can get just about anything! President Harry Truman got it right when he said: It is amazing what … Continue reading

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  • Four new elements added to periodic table The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has filled out the seventh line of the periodic table by adding four new elements. A team of scientists in Japan has been credited with the discovery of element 113, called ununtrium. Elements 115 (ununpentium), 117 (ununseptium) and 118 (ununoctium) were credited to a joint team of Russian and American scientists. CNET (1/4), National Public Radio (1/4)
  • Two South Coast Universities Take Part In Program To Help Women Advance In Engineering, Math, Science Two South Coast universities are among four campuses statewide taking part in a new push to help women advance in engineering, math, and science. UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Channel Islands, as well as UC Merced, and San Diego State are sharing a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help with what’s known as the “ADVANCE” program.  The campuses will create a collaborative research and training center for female scientists and faculty members, with a special emphasis on minority women.   Over the next five years, the universities will hold joint workshops and retreats focused on specific areas of research. http://www.kclu.org/2015/10/14/two-south-coast-universities-take-part-in-program-to-help-minority-women-in-engineering-math-science/
  • Future Topics: Updates on Zika Virus, TSCA, Fracking technolology, and Mars Rover. What is strategy? Cuba & Technology, Women Engineering PhDs, Women & Boards, and Booming Demand for Skilled Craft / Frequently Discussed Blog Topics: STEM, gas and energy related subjects, Her-Story, diversity & inclusion & unconscious bias, new product summaries, and business and work related issues

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