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A Mobile Phone Designed for Seniors

A Mobile Phone Designed for Seniors

Everyone does not need or want a smart phone. There, I said it! Before you convict me of heresy, know that I am a loyal member of the smart phone crowd. My phone coupled with my notebook provide me with the option to have a virtual office just about anywhere. On the other hand, there’s … Continue reading

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  • San Jose Teen Wins Intel Science Talent Search: 03.10.2015, In a contest considered the Nobel Prizes for the nation's brightest high school students, 17-year-old Andrew Jin, of San Jose, won one of three top prizes and $150,000 Tuesday at the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search, for his work developing an algorithm that could help decipher the human genetic code. Another Bay Area student, Saranesh (Saran) Thanika Prembabu, 17, of San Ramon, won one of three second-place $75,000 awards. Jin, a senior at The Harker School, won the first place Medal of Distinction for Global Good. He developed a way of identifying human genome mutations and discovered more than 100 adaptive mutations in DNA sequences, related to immune response, metabolism, brain development and schizophrenia. http://www.mercurynews.com/science/ci_27686018/intel-science-talent-search-winner-teen-at-harker Montgomery County Teen Wins Top Intel Science Prize: 03.10.2015, A Montgomery County high school student was named one of three first-place winners in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search competition Tuesday night, earning a prize of $150,000 as one of the nation’s most promising young scientists. Michael Hofmann Winer, 18,who attends Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, took home a first-place medal for innovation for his physics research. Winer, of North Bethesda, studied how fundamental quasi-particles of sound, called phonons, interact with electrons. His work could potentially be applied to more complex atomic structures, such as superconductors, competition organizers said. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/montgomery-county-student-wins-first-place-in-intel-science-contest/2015/03/10/1ed2ff3a-c777-11e4-a199-6cb5e63819d2_story.html
  • 3 Designs That Imagine The Sci-Fi Future Of Farming In 100 Years As both the climate and technologies changes, weather modification, "gene guns," and "aural insecticides" could all be part of the agricultural landscape in 2115. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3042836/3-designs-that-imagine-the-sci-fi-future-of-farming-in-100-years#5  
  • Future Topics: Social Climbers: Master Interlopers, Millenials, What is strategy, Gas Tax, Cuba & Technology, E-Cigarettes, Human Behavior, "All Money is Not Good Money", Hostess' Reincarnation, Mars Rover Curiosity updates, Women Engineering PhDs,Women & Boards, STEM, Fracking: Environmental Issues, Nanotechnology

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