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Sunscreen: History, Development, and Current Questions

Sunscreen: History, Development, and Current Questions

Ambient temperatures are rising across the country and summer is on its way. The frequency that I have been reaching for my sunscreen lotion over the past four weeks is also increasing with rising temperatures. Therefore, imagine my confusion when news outlets began reporting over the past 7 to 10 days that some of the … Continue reading

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  • Future Posts for May 2019: a) Ebola Virus Disease Updates, b) Some Ingredients in Sunscreen May End Up in Your Bloodstream, c) Gasoline Price Updates for Your 2019 Memorial Day Weekend Road Trip, d) Thrown Under the Bus - Part 9: Triangulation, e) Spaghetti Models and the Upcoming Hurricane Season..........Other Future Posts (in no special order): 1) Her-Story: Josephine Baker, 2) Her-Story: Dr. Wanda Austin 3) Fracking Update, 4) Numbers: Football in America, and 5) Young Entrepreneurs  
  • Post Notes: Yale’s beloved happiness class is now on the internet for free. Happiness, they say, is infectious. Perhaps that is why the most popular course ever to be taught at Yale University—this semester enrolling 1,200 students, or a quarter of the undergraduate student body—is one titled “Psychology and the Good Life.” https://work.qz.com/1248972/yales-beloved-happiness-class-is-now-on-the-internet-for-free/    
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