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Thrown Under the Bus – Part 6: Failure

Thrown Under the Bus – Part 6: Failure

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will conclude later today, Sunday, February 25, 2018. While I have not been glued to the television every evening for the past two weeks, I did my share of event watching – especially those events involving snowboarding and ice skating! The current U.S. medal count (Ref 1): 9 gold, 8 … Continue reading

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  • Future Posts:  (in no special order) 1) Her-Story: Josephine Baker, 2) Her-Story: Dr. Wanda Austin 3) Fracking Update, 4) Numbers: Football in America, and 5) Young Entrepreneurs  
  • Post Notes: Baltimore's P-Tech Partnerships Help Lead Students to Success, February 21, 2018 A new way of teaching high school students may be the answer to filling future STEM positions around the state. The P-TECH program – or Pathways in Technology Early College High School – helps train high school students for the growing STEM industries where the demand for highly-trained workers has led to a nationwide “skills gap.” Here in Maryland, Baltimore’s Carver Vocational Technical High School and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School have adopted the P-TECH model as a way to prepare students for the city’s growing need for workers with post-secondary training and skills. https://mdbiznews.commerce.maryland.gov/2018/02/baltimores-p-tech-partnerships-help-lead-students-to-success/    
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