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Demonic Talking Barbie Dolls and Spray-on Nail Polish

Demonic Talking Barbie Dolls and Spray-on Nail Polish

The inspiration for this post comes from a naughty three-year old. I stumbled across a video of the toddler a day ago, however, it has gone viral since being posted to the web on September 20th. The story behind the video is reported by The Daily Mail [Ref 1]: Three-year-old Sophia Nagorski was recently busted … Continue reading

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  • Why Silicon Valley Falls Short When It Comes To Education by Daniel Pianko on August 30, 2015 Failure to transform American higher education may undo the very building blocks of our nation’s innovation infrastructure. Instead, today’s current generation of entrepreneurs are spending their energy and resources lobbying for band-aid solutions like H-1B visas, when they could be reimagining the current pipeline to address the lack of female and minority engineers in their companies. http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/30/why-silicon-valley-falls-short-when-it-comes-to-education/#.bcwkro:6YG7
  • Two South Coast Universities Take Part In Program To Help Women Advance In Engineering, Math, Science Two South Coast universities are among four campuses statewide taking part in a new push to help women advance in engineering, math, and science. UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Channel Islands, as well as UC Merced, and San Diego State are sharing a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help with what’s known as the “ADVANCE” program.  The campuses will create a collaborative research and training center for female scientists and faculty members, with a special emphasis on minority women.   Over the next five years, the universities will hold joint workshops and retreats focused on specific areas of research. http://www.kclu.org/2015/10/14/two-south-coast-universities-take-part-in-program-to-help-minority-women-in-engineering-math-science/
  • Future Topics: Social Climbers: Master Interlopers, Millenials, What is strategy, Gas Tax, Cuba & Technology, E-Cigarettes, Human Behavior, "All Money is Not Good Money", Hostess' Reincarnation, Mars Rover Curiosity updates, Women Engineering PhDs,Women & Boards, STEM, Fracking: Environmental Issues, Nanotechnology

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